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Accepting what is November 2020

Hi All,

I hope this letter finds you well and safe as we are thrust into yet another level of restrictions. It is only natural at times like this that feelings of frustration, fear and even anger can arise within us so welcome them all, don’t push them down. When we repress such feelings, they don’t go away instead they get buried deep within us and can either come out at an inappropriate time or worse they fester and can lead to depression or disease. If on the other hand we allow ourselves to be fully human, honouring all the thoughts, feelings, and moods that pass through us on a given day, we create a more conscious relationship with ourselves.

Instead of blocking out thoughts and feelings that we label as negative, we can simply observe them and then let them go. They only get stuck when we react to them negatively, pushing them down and out of sight where they get lodged in our unconscious minds. The hurt, pain or discomfort we feel is a necessary prerequisite to change as it forces us out of our complacency and invites us to move towards self-transformation

A healthier solution therefore might be to develop a practice of following any negative thought we may have with a positive thought. This works well because positive thoughts are many times more powerful than negative thoughts

When we recognize our true inner worth, a few dark clouds passing through our minds will not intimidate us. We will see them for what they are — small, dark figures passing through an expansive sky of well-being and truth.

This sentiment is beautifully depicted in this poem by Rumi.






Meditation classes will return when it is safe to do so,

Until then look after yourself,

Kate xxx