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Surrender to what is June 2020


Hi everyone,

I hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well as we navigate this new way of being together.

One of the things this pandemic has taken away from us is the notion of certainty. Yet, if we think about that for a moment was our future ever certain? No, is the answer but there were certain things we relied on that kept a sense of normality, a sense of control so to speak…. like our children being able to go to school or college, being able to congregate at an event like a concert or a match, to join loved ones at a wedding or a funeral.

Deepak Chopra wrote a lovely book called The Seven Spiritual Laws of the Universe and one of the laws discussed in his book is The Law of least effort. While this might sound passive in its nature or even suggest a notion of giving up or submitting it is  not implying ‘No effort’ rather inviting us to surrender to what is. Surrender by its very nature can represent a beautiful release of clinging to expectations, a letting go of the desire to control the world and a peaceful acknowledgement of what is. In choosing to surrender we embrace acceptance, and therefore more relaxation and joy into our lives. We don’t have to love everything that happens to us, we simply have to choose to accept the aspects that are out of our control.

The practice of mindfulness invites the mind to come into the present moment. Something we practice a lot in our classes is a  very simple technique of coming into our five senses.This shifts the focus from the logical thinking mind( in the frontal lobe of the brain) to the  to a part of the brain known as the Limbic or emotional brain  therefore naturally bringing us into the here and now.

I created a short video demonstrating this simple practice just click on the link Here

As there are still restrictions on how far we can travel at the moment and how many of us can gather together at any given time, our meditation classes are limited to four people ( including myself) are socially distant and outside permitting!

!So if any of you are interested in joining us or if you think it might benefit someone else you know  please feel free to share this information or contact me by email

In the meantime stay safe

Kate xxx