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The choice is yours December 2021

Hi Everyone,

It’s with a certain sense of achievement I find myself feeling as I write this letter …that sense of ‘Phew, we made it’. There’s no doubt about it but it has been a turbulent year with many highs and lows and again it is how we view it whether it has been a struggle or something you are willing to accept and move on from. In even the most difficult of times, the Buddha taught that it’s possible to experience more happiness and less suffering, even if nothing in your life changes on the outside. The answer lies in changing yourself on the inside, that is to say tending to your inner world with such love and dedication that you truly do begin to experience the outer world in a new way.

One way of achieving this is the use of positive affirmation. A positive affirmation is something we use to override the ramblings of the internal critic. So instead of saying something like ‘I’m stupid, I’m not good enough, or nobody loves me ‘to yourself, you swap it with

‘I am enough’

‘I am loved’

I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now’

Saying it enough times to feel what it feels like in your body, how it changes your energy until you can see it fully unfolding in your life.

In other words, coming out of the energy of the critic (the struggle) and coming in to the peace of surrender or acceptance…the choice is yours.

So, no matter where you are or who you are with (even if it is on your own) this Christmas, know this, you are loved, you are supported.

And thank you all for the love and support you have shown me over this past year…your lovely emails, your attendance to my classes or coming for your treatments…none of what I do happens without you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. And looking forward to connecting with you again in the year to come.

Kate xxx