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Hi everyone,

As we segue our way from the dark evenings of winter to the bright lights of Christmas I hope this letter finds you calm and rested. If not, take a moment to check in with yourself and your energy. When we are living by the hormones of stress we feel emotions like anger, sadness or frustration. We can feel trapped or stuck by these emotions further adding to our distress.

The expression ‘going with the flow’ is a metaphor that applies to navigating a river. When we go with the flow, we follow the current of the river rather than push against it. Letting go to the flow of life can be scary and painful at times if we don’t trust the process. This causes us to cling to plans that aren’t working, or routes that are obstructed and obsess over relationships that aren’t fulfilling. When you find yourself stuck in these kinds of patterns, do yourself a favour and open to the flow of what is rather than resisting it.

My own life has taken a turn for the better and so from the 14th of December I will not be working from my home practice. In the new year I will be working with groups teaching them how to raise their energy and heal through my unique method The Sangoma Way. The collective energy of a group naturally raises our vibration quicker therefore allowing more coherence or flow which in turn leads to healing. If you work with groups and feel this is something you would like to explore with them, please feel free to drop me an email to

kate or message me privately

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued love and support over the past 14 years and when a fulfilling cycle comes to it’s natural end there is often a sense of loss, however this is just the beginning of a new exciting chapter!!!

Wishing you a very happy and joy filled Christmas

Love, Light and Laughter,

Kate xxx