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Lay your troubles down January 2023

Hi everyone,
And welcome to 2023, a year according to the numerologists is a year that is to bring an aura of discovery, intuition and compassion as we search for new ways to understand ourselves and the world around us.

We all know the feeling of walking through life as if we are carrying the huge burden of our worries and stresses on our backs and shoulders, struggling to keep moving forward., and we are all longing to lay our burdens down. Just imagining that it would be possible to do such a thing can be enough to elicit a sigh of relief and a feeling of lightness No matter how smart we are, how capable we are, or how hard we work, no one can single-handedly cope with all the worries that we tend to take on in the course of our lives. And, we aren’t designed to do so. Our well-being depends upon our ability to hand over that which we can no longer carry by ourselves to a greater Power. That is why taking up a practise like meditation can teach us how to release ourselves from that which we can’t handle on our own and align to feelings like joy and gratitude that are more conducive to health and well-being. If you are interested in joining us for our Mindfulness Meditation we will be returning to class on
Wednesday 11th Jan 2023              7:30pm – 8:30pm                           Zoom and in the room Thursday      12th Jan 2023               10am  11am                              Zoom and in the room
Classes run for 4 weeks Cost €55. Payment can be made vis PayPal click HERE For those of you who need to re-balance their energy or who feel blocked in any way I will be seeing one to one clients from Monday 9th January.
I will also be teaching Reiki Level 1 for a full day, on a Sunday at the end of the month or early February (date yet to be decided) so if you are interested please let me know as places are limited. You can contact me at

Kind regards,
Kate xxx