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Archives for September, 2023

Feeling the Resistance

Hi everyone, And welcome back after the long summer. Here in Ireland, we are fortunate enough to be experiencing an Indian summer which is very welcome after our very wet July. I have to say though, that I really do love this time of year…  the hedgerows teeming with berries, the branches of the horse chestnut trees weighed down by conkers hidden in their spikey case and acorns from the oak packed neatly in their cup. The slight nip in the evening air heralds that summer has come to an end. And then as if to quell our sadness of… READ MORE

Returning Home

Hi everyone, Hope you are all getting  to enjoy the longer brighter days as we emerge from under the blanket of winter. Seeing the first Snowdrops, or the cheerful yellow colour of the  Daffodils lifts our hearts and our spirit !! Birdsong fills the air heralding that spring has truly arrived.  The cycle of  seasons are an inevitable part of life and can be a source of comfort in our ever changing world. It reminds us that when  faced with stress or navigating  turbulent  times in  our lives we can take comfort in knowing that this too shall pass. …. READ MORE

Lay your troubles down January 2023

Hi everyone,And welcome to 2023, a year according to the numerologists is a year that is to bring an aura of discovery, intuition and compassion as we search for new ways to understand ourselves and the world around us. We all know the feeling of walking through life as if we are carrying the huge burden of our worries and stresses on our backs and shoulders, struggling to keep moving forward., and we are all longing to lay our burdens down. Just imagining that it would be possible to do such a thing can be enough to elicit a sigh… READ MORE

Being your own Master…November 2022 Meditation Classes

Hi everyone, I’m sure many of you got to experience the magnificent Full Moon this week as we now settle into the darker evenings and cosy nights by the fire. In our meditation class we just finished our block of four classes and enjoyed communicating with our higher selves (or the field of consciousness) through the use of mantras and visualisation. One of the chakras or energy centres we focused on this month was the 6th chakra or Third eye which pertains to our intuition. We spend a lot of our lives looking for role models, mentors, teachers, and gurus… READ MORE

Reap your reward…October Meditation Classes 2022

Hi everyone, Hope this letter finds you well as we move further into Autumn, when Mother Nature lets go and we can now harvest the fruits of her labour. We also get to delight in her display of colour before we descend into the darkness of winter. When we wish to create something new in our lives… a new relationship, a job, a new home, healthier lifestyle, we too need to let go of outdated beliefs and habits in order to move into this new phase in a healthy way. Sometimes this may seem difficult as the mind protests as… READ MORE

Summer vibes…my 3rd gift to you.

Hi everyone, It has been lovely to get feedback from you and how for some the videos have come into your lives at the perfect moment and have helped you work through a particularly trying or difficult situation, while for others it has either helped you start your new mindfulness practise or cement an already existing one. During the practise in the last video, I invited you to shift your focus on certain images and asked you how they made you feel. The image of the beach at sunset was probably soothing or relaxing while the image of the kite… READ MORE

Summer vibes…my second gift to you.

Hi everyone, Hope you enjoyed the last video and got a chance to start creating a new practise for yourself. In this next video we will be anchoring ourselves deeper into the present moment. Remember, the present moment releases us from our attachments to the past and the predictable future thus placing us in direct communication with our Divine aspect and it is here in this space  where we can begin to co-create our future,.. a future free from pain, guilt, anger and suffering thus allowing us to move towards the higher vibrational energy of love, happiness, passion and fulfilment…. READ MORE

Summer vibes….my gift to you. August 2022

Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful sunshine wherever you are!! I normally sign off for the summer time and focus on my clients that come for energy treatments on offer here…Reiki, Bodytalk, and Hopi ear candling. But because it has been put on hold for so long, I am also delighted to finally say I am back teaching all levels of Reiki which I missed so much over the past two years!! I think it is safe to say that some of us are still feeling the residual effects of all that has gone on over the… READ MORE