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Archives for January, 2021

Edits and reruns January 2021

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas even if it was a quieter one. Christmas can be a nostalgic time steeped in traditions bringing with it a welcomed familiarity, comfort even. This call to home and hibernation is further encouraged through the media even the Christmas cards we get, by the use of such imaginary as blazing log fires, twinkling lights on the tree and snow scenes. For so many Christmas is about spending time with family and catching up with old friends. Many travel long distances even across time zones to be at home with their loved ones… READ MORE

Staying connected December 2020

  Hi All, As I am writing this, I am very aware that some of you may not be able to spend Christmas with your loved ones this year which is very difficult on so many levels. As humans we are all born hard-wired to want to seek and find meaningful relationships with others, especially at a time like Christmas. Connection is an essential part of our overall health and well-being. Ironically, in this time of connected media and devices, loneliness has reached an all-time high. It is common for us to feel lonely or alone, especially as our lives… READ MORE

September 2020 Meditation Classes

Dear All, I hope you all got a chance to enjoy some memorable moments this Summer and all the sweeter as restrictions to our movements were lifted. I am sure many of you got a chance to enjoy a staycation and to truly appreciate the beautiful country we are fortunate enough to live in. Even if the weather is unpredictable, we all hope the sun is going to shine!! Hope, or the desire for something to come to fruition, is one of the most inspiring states of mind. It’s easy to think that hope is simply naïve or childlike, but,… READ MORE

Trust the process April 2020

Hi everyone, Usually in my newsletter to you all I reflect on the past few weeks spent in our meditation classes and share with you what we have uncovered. Unfortunately, due to what has been unfolding in our world with the CoVid-19 at the moment, our classes had to be cut short. None of us could have imagined that all the things we take for granted could be taken away in such a swift fashion. The freedom to go and come as we please, meeting with friends and loved ones or taking a trip to the beach have all been… READ MORE

March 2020 Meditation Classes

Hi All, Over the past few weeks as we eased our way into the new year and indeed a new season we explored the chakra known as the solar plexus in class, which is believed to be the source of our personal power. For many, life is a never-ending list of commitments. Yet few of us can be truly healthy or happy without regular periods of downtime. While there is nothing inherently wrong with busyness, those of us who over-commit or over-extend ourselves potentially face exhaustion and burnout . In class we looked at all the  different ways in which… READ MORE

The Sangoma Way Retreat February 2020

Hi All, Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘How happy am I right now, in this present moment? ‘Or is there always an underlying sense that if one or two particular things in my life would change then everything thing would be fine? Often when we are unhappy, we dwell on one thing and complain or daydream about what it would be like to have it…. a new car, a new relationship, a raise or a change in our living situation. Or perhaps we will notice a pattern of running away when things get too hard. Meanwhile underneath the… READ MORE

January 2020 Meditation Classes

Dear All, Our last meditation class for 2019 was held on 12.12.19, in line with the last full Moon of this decade. It marks the end of emotional healing and letting go of destructive patterns we no longer need as we embark into a brand-new decade. The energy centre we focused on for the last 5 classes was the 2nd chakra called the sacral or emotional chakra which is associated with feelings of pleasure, passion and creativity. It has also to do with our ability to navigate life changes in a healthy way. Our lives are continually in motion, buoyed… READ MORE

November 2019 Meditation Classes

Hi All, Autumn is a time of change and letting go with the knowledge that rebirth and renewal is inevitable. There are times in our lives that lend themselves to starting something new. The beginning of a new year, finishing school, leaving a job, or changing homes–these all are times that turn our minds to fresh starts. Their advantage is that they bring with them the energy of that event, creating a tide of change around them that we can ride to our next shoreline. But we can choose to start anew anytime. In any moment we can decide that… READ MORE