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Hi everyone,

Hopefully you all got a chance to watch the videos I posted up last week and if you didn’t might I suggest you do so before you watch these next two as they run in sequence. As I explained in my letter to you last week, these videos have been taken from the archive on my website. So, while they are not current their message is still relevant today perhaps even more so. And if you have seen them before I still urge you to watch them as sometimes when we are hearing or seeing something for the first time, we only register what our minds can cope with and sometimes it takes a few times for the message to sink.

As children we come into this world a blank canvas and in an ideal upbringing with parents who are aware, we can flourish and grow into the life that is intended for us. Unfortunately this is often not the case and many are reared in families and communities where, because of limiting values and  beliefs ( of who are what we should be ) hide this authentic part of ourselves in order to fit in.

in order to get back to this authentic version of yourself you must first acknowledge  these limiting beliefs , discard them ( only if they no longer fit into your new life)

In these videos we firstly explore thought as energy and how this can affect our reality. We then move into the heart space and how forgetting about what you love to do can be a form of self-sabotage. If you can forget about your dreams, then you never have to risk failure. But just because we’ve decided to ignore our passions doesn’t mean they no longer exist. Nothing can fill the emptiness that remains in a space vacated by a passion that we have tossed aside. Besides, life is too short to stop doing what you love, and it is never too late to rediscover your favourite things. If you gave up playing an instrument, painting, drawing, spending time in nature, or any other activity or interest that you once loved to do, now may be the time to take up that passion again. If you don’t remember what it is that you used to be passionate about, you may want to think about the activities or interests that you used to love or the dreams that you always wished you could pursue.

In this video we explore energy as thought and how this can affect our reality. Click Here

In this video we move into the Heart space and practice living from here.         Click Here