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March 2020 Meditation Classes

Hi All,

Over the past few weeks as we eased our way into the new year and indeed a new season we explored the chakra known as the solar plexus in class, which is believed to be the source of our personal power.

For many, life is a never-ending list of commitments. Yet few of us can be truly healthy or happy without regular periods of downtime. While there is nothing inherently wrong with busyness, those of us who over-commit or over-extend ourselves potentially face exhaustion and burnout

. In class we looked at all the  different ways in which we were giving our energy away. For example to our .relationships, work, finances ,the future or the past all of which steal us from the present moment

When you feel overwhelmed by your commitments, examining your motivation for taking on so many obligations can help you understand why you feel compelled to do so much. You may discover that you are being driven by fear that no one else will do the job or guilt that you aren’t doing enough.

To regain your equilibrium and clear the clutter from your calendar a practice like Mindfulness meditation can help to simplify your life by establishing limits regarding what you will and will not do based on your personal priorities.

The Sangoma Way Meditation classes for self-awareness will be returning the beginning of March 2020
Classes are as follows:

Mindfulness Meditation Classes March 2020

No Wednesday evening class this term

• Thursday    5th   March    @ 10am
• Thursday    5th   March    @ 7pm
•  Friday        6th   March    @ 10am

The duration of the class is 1 hour and classes run for 5 consecutive weeks in The Sangoma Way home practice, Cappamore, Co. Limerick.

Total investment for a series of 5 classes is €60 and you can book in advance by paying in full via PayPal Here

Kate xxx

The Sangoma Way,
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