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Trust the process April 2020

Hi everyone,

Usually in my newsletter to you all I reflect on the past few weeks spent in our meditation classes and share with you what we have uncovered. Unfortunately, due to what has been unfolding in our world with the CoVid-19 at the moment, our classes had to be cut short.

None of us could have imagined that all the things we take for granted could be taken away in such a swift fashion. The freedom to go and come as we please, meeting with friends and loved ones or taking a trip to the beach have all been curtailed for the moment.

Fear of change is being played out in our world in a massive scale. While I can appreciate that many of you may be very worried may I suggest, instead of seeing this as something you want to fast forward use this time to re-evaluate your life and how you want to ‘Be’ in it.

If we learn nothing else from this time in our world’s history, it is our need for trust.  Trust in ourselves, in one another, in our community, in our government and health services. Trust helps us to create strong, supportive and sometimes lifelong connections. Trust enables individuals’ communities and even nations to move beyond obstacles to create a better future.

Every day we are flooded with new updates from experts on how the virus is progressing through our world. While this input is undeniably valuable, our own sense of the truth is ultimately the most important piece in processing the information we take in from external sources.

When we are in a state of fear, it is difficult to trust in our own truth. A form of practice like Reiki, Yoga or meditation therefore is an invaluable source to help foster that sense of trust in oneself. Many of you may not have a form of practice yet so may I suggest you take a few minutes every day to come into your breath then into your five senses. This simple practice can often be enough to bring your mind and body back into alignment. If you have more time please feel free to browse through my video blog and avail of the free videos ( especially the guided meditations for each chakra ).I’ve pick  one to get you started just click Here

Please feel free to Share this content  with anyone you think may need it at this time.

Hope this will help you weather this storm.

Stay safe,

Kate xxx