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The Sangoma Way Retreat February 2020

Hi All,

Have you ever asked yourself the question ‘How happy am I right now, in this present moment? ‘Or is there always an underlying sense that if one or two particular things in my life would change then everything thing would be fine?

Often when we are unhappy, we dwell on one thing and complain or daydream about what it would be like to have it…. a new car, a new relationship, a raise or a change in our living situation. Or perhaps we will notice a pattern of running away when things get too hard.

Meanwhile underneath the surface, the real reason for our unhappiness goes unrecognised and unaddressed

And yet, if we are able to locate and explore the underlying cause of our discontent, all the surface concerns have a way of working themselves out in the light of our realisation.

The Sangoma Way Retreat  will run at my home practice in Cappamore on Sunday 23rd of February 2020.

Through this unique method you will develop an understanding of your story and these patterns that run unchecked, leading to stress. You will learn about your energy, so that you can retrieve and restore it, to bring about overall balance, health and well-being in your life. Together with this new-found insight and the techniques I will teach, you will finally gain freedom from the circumstances that are preventing you from living a life you deserve!

Investment for the day  is €170 and this includes:

  • The Sangoma Way  Manual
  • Guided Meditation download

Tea/coffee and a light lunch will also be provided on the day

Time Registration 9:45 / finished 4:00

Booking is essential as places are limited. You can secure your place by paying via the Paypal link Here


For any queries

Call Kate on 087 1323624