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September 2020 Meditation Classes

Dear All,

I hope you all got a chance to enjoy some memorable moments this Summer and all the sweeter as restrictions to our movements were lifted. I am sure many of you got a chance to enjoy a staycation and to truly appreciate the beautiful country we are fortunate enough to live in. Even if the weather is unpredictable, we all hope the sun is going to shine!!

Hope, or the desire for something to come to fruition, is one of the most inspiring states of mind. It’s easy to think that hope is simply naïve or childlike, but, in reality, those who have hope are resilient, determined and optimistic. It’s not always easy to have hope when every day messages we receive through the media may make it feel that the world is full of negativity. But while there is pain in the world there is always hope. Rather than allowing the mind to project out to a world beyond your control learn to cultivate your inner world where a deep sense of hope can grow and flourish.

Allow your mind to capture the moments in life when you witness random acts of kindness, someone receiving good news, achieving a personal goal, or some celebration of life like a birthday or a wedding…get your fill so when you are met with moments of despair or sadness you have a  bank of hope filled memories that you can draw on to  lift you .

The practice of mindfulness helps to train the mind to remain present and I am delighted to say that our classes will be returning (see below for dates and times) but we will be adhering to  COVID-19 regulation guidelines so there will be some changes before and when you arrive to class.

  • If you feel unwell, have been in contact with a known case of Covid-19 or you have returned from travelling abroad please wait at least 2 weeks before coming to class.
  • I will be operating a one-way system for you as you enter and leave class so please allow for 2 meters apart coming in the door.
  • To protect one another from cross contamination coming into class please wear a mask (I will be wearing mine!)
  • As you enter there will be a hand sanitizing station and you will be asked to clean your hands.
  • Seating in the room will be 2 meters apart and I will be using stainless-steel fold up chairs. These will be cleaned before and after class.
  • Please bring your own drink and blanket.
  • Where possible please use the bathroom before attending class as bathroom is out of bounds.
  • Places are limited to 5 people so some of the classes are fully booked at the moment so if you are interested and this changes you will be contacted.

Mindfulness Meditation Classes for September 2020

  • Thursday 3rd September 10am
  • Thursday 3rd September 7pm
  • Friday      4th  September 10am (Fully Booked )
  •  €15 pay as you go
  • Duration of the class is for 1 hour

For further details or to book a class please contact me at

For those of you returning to class, I am really looking forward to seeing you all and for those of you who can’t  I will be in touch..

Take Care until then,

Kate xxx