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Summer vibes…my second gift to you.

Hi everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the last video and got a chance to start creating a new practise for yourself. In this next video we will be anchoring ourselves deeper into the present moment.

Remember, the present moment releases us from our attachments to the past and the predictable future thus placing us in direct communication with our Divine aspect and it is here in this space  where we can begin to co-create our future,.. a future free from pain, guilt, anger and suffering thus allowing us to move towards the higher vibrational energy of love, happiness, passion and fulfilment.

We can only do this however from the space of the present moment.

You will also be introduced to your energy centres or chakras, each of which holds it’s own vibration, colour and sound

And we also explore how different images or thoughts make us feel  by simply choosing an uplifting i or a soothing image how it can have  a direct affect on the chemistry of our body…allowing us to move from a state of  stress to rest and digest..

To view the video click HERE.

Then on the 31st of August my final recording will be a combination of all that you have learned with an introduction to you can unplug from overwhelm and return to balance.

So, by the end of this month you will have a completely new practise in your life…my gift to you.

For further information on upcoming classes or one to one session contact Kate at

Looking forward to engaging with you all again in two weeks.

Kate xxx’