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Archives for January, 2021

Expression is key.

Hi everyone, I hope this letter finds you well and despite the restrictions you are manging to get out for some form of exercise and fresh air. Perhaps after watching the videos you are becoming more aware of your thoughts and how limiting our interaction with social media and other news stories is as important for our overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid some of the stories we are hearing at the moment of personal suffering and loss due to this pandemic. When we compare our situations to those who may be suffering at the moment it is… READ MORE

The Heart of the Matter

Hi everyone, Hopefully you all got a chance to watch the videos I posted up last week and if you didn’t might I suggest you do so before you watch these next two as they run in sequence. As I explained in my letter to you last week, these videos have been taken from the archive on my website. So, while they are not current their message is still relevant today perhaps even more so. And if you have seen them before I still urge you to watch them as sometimes when we are hearing or seeing something for the… READ MORE

Edits and reruns January 2021

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas even if it was a quieter one. Christmas can be a nostalgic time steeped in traditions bringing with it a welcomed familiarity, comfort even. This call to home and hibernation is further encouraged through the media even the Christmas cards we get, by the use of such imaginary as blazing log fires, twinkling lights on the tree and snow scenes. For so many Christmas is about spending time with family and catching up with old friends. Many travel long distances even across time zones to be at home with their loved ones… READ MORE