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At the end of the day. February 2021

Hi everyone,

Isn’t wonderful that Spring has finally arrived and there is now a notable stretch in the evenings! Evenings are a wonderful time to catalogue the events of the day without distraction, to revel in gentle solitude or silence, to end the day in serenity, and to commune with your inner self.

For human beings and other living things that tend to be most active in daylight, evenings can be less hectic and more relaxing. A simple stroll through the realms of dusk and darkness can show you two different worlds: one winding down and one just coming to life.

Sky gazing in the evenings can be a meditative activity — one that reminds us that we are only one part of an infinitely complex and vast universe. Each night, the different phases of the moon show us the passage of time and the waxing and waning of life, as its glowing visage — whether in the shape of a circle, crescent, or a smile — bathes the world in an ethereal, wistful glow

The two videos I chose for you this week expand on the universal theme of connection and how our reactions can have a positive or negative affect on the whole.

Video 1 Click Here

Video 2 Click Here

Enjoy turning your evening into a nurturing and soul enriching experience.,

Kate xxx