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Devotion to Self Experience: Part 1, Root Chakra

The root or base chakra pertains to issues we encounter in the first seven years of our lives. This includes things like how safe we feel in the world and security around money, food on the table and the roof over our heads. If we are imbalanced in this area of our energetic body we will feel ungrounded or fearful, anticipating danger at every turn.

Coming out of our minds and into our feet is a good grounding practice. Walking in our bare feet on the earth, grass or sand can not only rid the body of free radicals but also halt the mind from harmful thought processes. A useful affirmation is “I am safe and secure right now” or “All is well in my world”.

Find out more about your root chakra in this video, Part 1 of your “Devotion to Self Experience”, my gift to you.

Stay tuned for the next video on the second chakra, the sacral chakra, which is linked to variety and excitement, and discover how this plays a big part in your life.

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