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Devotion to Self Experience: Part 6, Third Eye Chakra

When we are living a life of stress it puts other areas of our lives out of balance. Our diet might suffer along with our level of exercise and our ability to relax and enjoy hobbies. Learning to live in the present moment, controlling our thoughts and emotions and releasing negativity have a knock-on effect on our overall enjoyment of life. In this state, we are in tune with our bodies.

Our sixth or third eye chakra is the chakra of intuition. It is all about being able to see – whether it’s working out the solution to a maths problem or recognising that a friend is in trouble or suffering. Trusting our intuition is something that many of us have done to our detriment – our gut feeling simply cannot be ignored.

Find out more about your third eye chakra in this video, Part 6 of your Devotion to Self Experience, my gift to you. I hope you enjoy and please do share your comments below!

In the next video we’ll be discussing the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, which is linked to our connection to source, and we’ll look at how this influences our lives.

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