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Slow down you move too fast… September Mindfulness Meditation Classes 2021

Hi everyone,

Hope you are enjoying our new found freedom and getting a chance to catch up physically with family, friends and activities that have been missing from our lives for so long…a well-deserved treat!

And as the pace of life begins to pick up it’s only natural for us to feel obliged to accelerate with it, maybe even over committing ourselves to a point where we may feel stretched and overwhelmed. When we do this, we can find ourselves cramming as much activity as possible into the shortest periods of time disregarding our natural rhythms and fall out of sync with the natural flow of life. In truth, rushing and over committing gets us nowhere but on to the next activity, never allowing us to truly savour our experience. Moving at a slower pace lets you get things done more efficiently, while rushing diminishes the quality of your relationships, your work and your overall enjoyment of life. When we slow down, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves to our natural rhythms and let go of the ‘fast forward ‘stress. This allows our bodies to remain centered and grounded while disconnecting you from the frenzied pace buzzing around you so you can move at your own pace. Tasks like cooking, eating, reading, writing and walking can become pleasurable when done slowly. Slowing down lets you become more absorbed or mindful in whatever you are doing so the food you eat tastes better; flowers smell sweeter and the sounds and sights of nature more profound. The moments we choose to live fast forward motion then become a conscious choice rather than an involuntary action.

Learning to slow down can take practice and that is why mindfulness meditation can really help as it gently teaches the mind and the body to slow down long enough to rest itself and then to move at a more natural and organic pace. Classes will be returning in September with classes to suit all.

If you are interested in an online option then Wednesday evening will suit you. This class caters for all levels of practice and if you miss a class a recording will also be sent to you every week.

For those of you who wish to return to the room I am allowed 4 fully vaccinated people, so places are limited.

The duration of each class is one hour and classes will run for 4 consecutive weeks. Total investment €55 pay HERE


See below for full details.

Wednesday 8th Sept 7:30pm    –   8:30 pm           Zoom class

Thursday     9th Sept 10:00am   –  11:00 am          Classroom

Thursday     9th Sept 7:00pm     –   8:00pm           Classroom

Friday          10th Sept 10:00am  –  11:00am          Classroom

For further information on classes or one to one session contact Kate at

Kind regards,