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The ‘In Light ‘ January Meditation Classes 2022

Hi everyone,

And once again we find ourselves embarking on something new. A new year!!

Beginnings can be a beautiful thing, but at the same time, starting something new can sometimes feel scary. There is always the possibility that we won’t succeed at the thing that we are trying. The start of a new year can traditionally be wrapped in new year’s resolutions, goal setting and detoxes of all kinds (food, drink and certain people !!) if however (due to the pandemic) you feel like you have been adapting to something new for the last three years this concept can be an exhausting. That is why I would like to invite you to consider adopting a more mindful approach to your life ..starting with today, with this very moment ! Mindfulness means living in the present moment. Essentially, it means being intentionally more aware, paying full attention to something, slowing down to really notice what you are doing …like right now, reading this letter,

giving each word your full attention

notice your body, are you holding tension in it or are you relaxed,

how is your breathing, is it shallow or deep?

As you focus more on being present, something happens.

Instead of being dragged away by your thoughts you become the observer of them. The observer is the part of you that is beyond a definition, the still, calm, unwavering part that even when your life might be falling apart remains unscathed … it  can be called the Divine or spiritual part of you, Source or The Light.

Mindfulness brings you to this place. which is  the opposite of rushing or multitasking.

I hear a lot of people saying that they find mindfulness difficult because their mind keeps racing and that is why most students find it helpful to be guided into the practice and then eventually it kicks in naturally. Sometimes we think we should be good at a new thing we’re trying straight away, but how often does this really happen? None of us learned to walk without falling down many, many times and none of us got to where we are now in our lives without going through numerous beginnings.

So, if you feel like you could do with a fresh approach to how you are living your life at the moment, if you yearn for more calm and stillness, why not join us (from the comfort of your own home) for our Mindfulness meditation class on Zoom. If any of the times don’t suit a recording of each class can be sent to you instead to watch at your leisure. For those  of you who like to come to the room for your class  spaces are limited at the moment

The duration of each class is one hour and classes will run for 4 consecutive weeks. Total investment €55 pay HERE

.Full details of date, times and spaces are below.

Wednesday 12th Jan  7:30pm    –    8:30 pm           Zoom class

Thursday     13th  Jan  7:00pm     –   8:00pm           Zoom and Classroom ( I space left in the room) 

Friday          14th  Jan 10:00am  –  11:00am            Classroom

For further information on classes or one to one session contact Kate at

Looking forward to engaging with you all again this year and continuing to focus on growing our awareness of that beautiful ‘ In Light

Kate xxx’