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Archives for August, 2016

Intro to Self-Awareness Through Meditation Series

I’m delighted to introduce you to this this free Self-Awareness Through Meditation series that I have created especially for you! Here I am going to teach you: Self-awareness How to build on self-awareness Meditation tips and practices Visualisation skills So, what do you need for this video series? It costs nothing, so all you need is time and dedication to yourself! The main benefits of this meditation series are: Release overwhelm Realignment Focus (a sense of direction) Watch the introduction video below to find out more. You’ll be receiving one free video every month from September so keep tuned for… READ MORE

Step Back From Stress: Video 3 of 3

  In Part 3 of my free Step Back from Stress video series we go on to further explore thought as energy. We also look at how we carry certain conditions, values and beliefs from childhood into our adult lives, rules for living that might be keeping us blocked or small. Added to this is the stress from other outside influences that may be draining our energy and causing illness or disease. By examining these outdated aspects of being we create freedom and peace in our lives. The third chakra or solar plexus is the energy centre concerned with our… READ MORE

Step Back From Stress: Video 2 of 3

In this video we explore the notion of thought as energy, but firstly we must examine where our thought patterns originate. As children we glean our ideas and thoughts about our world and ourselves from outside influences, i.e. our family and immediate community. This can hinder our true nature, our passion and our creativity. Becoming aware of conditions, values and belief systems that no longer serve us can help us rediscover our purpose in life. The second chakra, or sacral chakra, pertains to our creativity and our joy. Bringing our attention to this energy centre is the key to unlocking… READ MORE

Step Back From Stress: Video 1 of 3

The root or base chakra pertains to issues we encounter in the first seven years of our lives. This includes things like how safe we feel in the world and security around money, food on the table and the roof over our heads. This chakra is very interlinked with your tribe, and the positive purpose of a tribe is survival. It has to do with community, where you fit in, loyalty and pride in your family history. If we are imbalanced in this area of our energetic body we will feel ungrounded or fearful, anticipating danger at every turn. Coming… READ MORE

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 7, Crown Chakra

When we learn about the different patterns of behaviour in our life that keep us stuck we can choose to remove them once and for all. The more we let go the more the True Self can emerge. We are more in flow with Universal energy and this makes it easier to for abundance, joy and happiness flow to us… like energy attracting like energy. The seventh or crown chakra is our connection to Source, Universal life-force energy or consciousness. When we connect to this part of us it opens our awareness to all “that is” and how we are… READ MORE

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 6, Third Eye Chakra

When we are living a life of stress it puts other areas of our lives out of balance. Our diet might suffer along with our level of exercise and our ability to relax and enjoy hobbies. Learning to live in the present moment, controlling our thoughts and emotions and releasing negativity have a knock-on effect on our overall enjoyment of life. In this state, we are in tune with our bodies. Our sixth or third eye chakra is the chakra of intuition. It is all about being able to see – whether it’s working out the solution to a maths… READ MORE

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 5, Throat Chakra

In this video, Part 5 of your Devotion to Self Experience, I share a technique that will help you to master your thoughts, release the emotions they are creating in you and bring you back to the now to create the feeling you most desire. The throat chakra is responsible for our ability to speak our truth with love. It is the chakra for communication, therefore it is equally important for us to be able to listen. Find out more about your throat chakra in this video – I hope you enjoy and please do share your comments below! In… READ MORE

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 4, Heart Chakra

In this video I use the analogy of energy flowing like a stream or river and when we become invalidated in any way our flow of energy becomes blocked. This energy block can make us fell stuck, depressed or may affect us on a physical level. So releasing these blocks is vital for our overall health. The heart chakra is the chakra that balances all the chakras on our energy field. Therefore, if it is out of balance so is everything in our lives. To give and receive love are the energy of the heart chakra, so too, and perhaps… READ MORE