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Archives for February, 2015

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 3, Solar Plexus Chakra

In Part 3 of your “Devotion to Self Experience”, we go on to further explore thought as energy. We also look at how we carry certain conditions, values and beliefs from childhood into our adult lives, rules for living that might be keeping us blocked or small. Added to this is the stress from other outside influences that may be draining our energy and causing illness or disease. By examining these outdated aspects of being we create freedom and peace in our lives. The third chakra or solar plexus is the energy centre concerned with our personal power. If we… READ MORE

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 2, Sacral Chakra

In this video we explore the notion of thought as energy, but firstly we must examine where our thought patterns originate. As children we glean our ideas and thoughts about our world and ourselves from outside influences, i.e. our family and immediate community. This can hinder our true nature, our passion and our creativity. Becoming aware of conditions, values and belief systems that no longer serve us can help us rediscover our purpose in life. The second chakra, or sacral chakra, pertains to our creativity and our joy. Bringing our attention to this energy centre is the key to unlocking… READ MORE

Devotion to Self Experience: Part 1, Root Chakra

The root or base chakra pertains to issues we encounter in the first seven years of our lives. This includes things like how safe we feel in the world and security around money, food on the table and the roof over our heads. If we are imbalanced in this area of our energetic body we will feel ungrounded or fearful, anticipating danger at every turn. Coming out of our minds and into our feet is a good grounding practice. Walking in our bare feet on the earth, grass or sand can not only rid the body of free radicals but… READ MORE

Your “Devotion To Self Experience” Gift

The New Year for many of us is about tackling issues around health, fitness, weight-loss or smoking. We go into an energy of goal setting and force which can drain us, and this is why so many of us give up and quickly feel deflated. Rarely do we take the time to reflect and ask ourselves “How do I want to feel this year? Do I want to experience more joy in my life, peace of mind, a sense of relief? What does my heart truly yearn for and what do I need to do to get more of what… READ MORE

Open To Receive

In this episode of The Sangoma TV I look at the importance of opening to receive and why some of us find it challenging. I always love to hear from you so do please do share your thoughts with us below.

Would The Real You Please Stand Up?

Certain things can restrict the way we live and prevent our uniqueness from shining through. In this episode of The Sangoma TV I share some of the things that can stop us from being our authentic selves. Please do share your thoughts with us in the comments box below.

The Joys Of Music

I love music, and, unsurprisingly, it’s known to have great healing properties. In this episode of The Sangoma TV I’m sharing some ways in which it can enrich our lives. I always love to hear your thoughts so please do add your comments in the box below!

Shake Up The Mundane!

It’s important to challenge the mundane and replace it with what makes your heart sing. In this episode of The Sangoma TV I look at an exercise to help you shake up your routine. It’s great to hear your comments so please do share them below! I hope you enjoy.